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Terms & Conditions

  • We will attempt to keep the data on the phone but we cannot guarantee for that.
  • We shall under no circumstances be held responsible for anything beyond the part we fix.
  • We give you 3 monthly guarantee for the part we fix, if you think something is wrong with other parts please give us a notice within 3 days otherwise we will consider that the issue is not relevant to the fixing process, and if there is any dent or physical damage we do not cover for it under warranty.
  • We will not be held responsible for any loss of SIM card memory and other accessories.
  • The device can be kept in lieu of payment if you cannot be contacted after 30 days from service completion or if you are notified available for collection. Your equipment may be retained permanently by Budget Mobiles & Computers to defray assessment, storage, and/or repair costs, and I/We will have no claim against Budget Mobiles & Computers for said equipment once retained.
  • We will keep the damaged phone for 3 months in the store, after 3 months we have the right to send the damaged phone for disposal and there will be no claim on it.
  • For any phone fixing screen, we cannot make it in its original condition. The brightness or contrast of the screen might be a little bit different from the previous screen. if you want to make it in perfect condition, please ask us for the OEM screen, an additional cost will be applied.
  • For the glass change, if there is too much damage to the glass, there is a risk of damaging the LCD when we take the glass off. In this case, an LCD surcharge can be applied.
  • There is No Warranty on liquid damage repairs. Some liquid-damaged phones appear to be working; However, due to the corrosion, some functions might become malfunction at some stage.
  • We will not be held responsible for restoring or updating your iPhone by connecting to iTunes when you have a broken LCD; sometimes damaged touch screen keeps sending wrong signals to the main board causing “iPhone to be disabled". If you want us to try we could help you to sort it out but we do not cover any other errors.
  • We will not be held responsible for any functionalities such as Phone Network, Camera, Microphone, Ear speaker, or Wi-Fi signal issues. Because we cannot check any functionality before we fix it.
  • If you are given loan equipment it must be returned within 7 days after you;
    • Are notified that the equipment submitted for repair cannot be repaired.
    • Have decided not to proceed with any service.
    • If you damage or lose or do not return the loan equipment you will be charged for its repair or replacement.